Rock Lakes is situated in Migné, which is part of the Brenne National Park, known for taking care of natural habitats, specific species of wild plants and animals that are threatened throughout France.

The main lake is 13 acres and has 9 swims, 2 of these being doubles. The lake holds many big, beautiful carp that are approaching 50lbs, a Linear and a Common/Koi. As of August 2011 the biggest catfish thats been out is 195lb. There are many catfish over 100lbs in there and lots that are approaching this.

Stevens lake (The back lake) is where the majority of the smaller fish are kept, (Carp and Tench) at the end of 2010 the lake was completely drained and tidied up so its now ready for use.

Rock Lakes is approximetly 10 minutes from Supermarkets, Petrol Stations and Bars. Its 20 minutes away from the historic town of Chateauroux, where there is plenty to do in and around the town.

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Rock Lakes French Carp and Catfishing
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